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Social Media

Social media is a great platform for our project to maintain customer relationships, while also having the opportunity to be found by new leads.

The Do's and Don'ts

Social Media can make or break your business’s reputation.
That’s why it’s important to set rules before we get started with content creation.


  • Complete and update your social pages and profiles (header, profile picture and bio);
  • Separate business and personal;
  • Think and discuss before you post;
  • Prioritize your network;
  • Interact and connect with your audience.;
  • Handle criticism gracefully;
  • Match your content to the platform;
  • Watch your grammar and spelling.


  • Post sales figures that haven’t been published externally;
  • Post unreleased product information;
  • Post technical information about how products are made;
  • Post client information;
  • Proprietary information such as quarterly reviews, annual general meeting etc;
  • Post low quality graphics or videos about the project and Galaxy City;
  • Post videos without the official intro and outro template;
  • Like your own post;
  • Post or tag photos of fans, customers, or employees without permission;
  • Tag people or pages that aren’t relevant to your post;
  • Ask for Likes, Comments or Shares.


Communication is key therefore we strive to create as much transparency as possible. Connect and follow us on the following channels:

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