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“We are passionate about creating virtual environments that amaze users and inspire the imagination. Our mission is to create highly serious and entertaining games for education and training”

Why having a virtual booth

For me that’s the same question as why I’m on LinkedIN and other social media channel. The biggest difference is that you build connections through the virtual world, in contrast to social media channels such as LinkedIN where everyone immediately wants to convince and close instead of connecting. That is a trend that I have seen through social media in recent years. The personal approach is gone

How has your business changed given this evolution into VR?

We have seen an increase in the number of visitors to our landing page and sub-pages. To give an example, we had more than 2500 unique visitors in 2 weeks, of which 60% from the United States and 30% from Asian countries. This has also contributed to more valuable and meaningful contacts via LinkedIN.

What do you anticipate will happen moving forward?

It will certainly be quite a few years before we talk about mass adoption at all. Opinions are still divided on that. But it is certain that a professional company presence is inevitable. Now we have the opportunity to create a head start in the field of building, networking and market research.

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