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About our presence in existing virtual worlds

We use existing virtual worlds to connect with experienced users that share our vision.

Galaxy City

Since 2007 in Second Life we have learned how to establish a community and what the value of virtual goods can be. Valuable lessons and practical experience that we take with us into our own virtual world.

That is also the reason why we are represented in Second Life with a virtual city. A city where people can live, work and earn.

The users of Second Life belong to our target audience.

The purpose of Galaxy City

The city’s goal is to get as many users as possible to join the group. We need these members to raise brand awareness and attention for our own virtual world.

We will create as many activities as possible in Galaxy City to promote the KickStarter. This is where your role as a brand ambassador comes in. 


There are many activities we will perform in the city that will help us build engagement and grow our membership.

  • Weekly live DJ parties;
  • Offering free apartments for heavy users;
  • Job creation during events such as DJs, hosts, dancers, event managers, bloggers and vloggers;
  • Promote the city as a place where you can use hotel rooms, classrooms or a cozy hang-out place where you can take beautiful pictures for your socials.

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