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Concept page

What are we building

We are building a platform with a focus on creating large social and economic impact. Within our platform users can create virtual worlds where they can:
  • Visit concerts, events or connect with people through social areas.
  • Create, share and monetize their content

Our mission

Our mission is to empower people by creating a virtual world with an ecosystem where supply and demand come together efficiently. A virtual world for the users and by the users.

To fulfill this mission, the foundation is based on an ecosystem that revolves around the user. Our ecosystem consists of 6 elements:

  • Data and privacy: we never sell your personal information and we protect your privacy at every step. 
  • User friendly: Our dashboard and tools are designed in such a way that everyone can easily use them.
  • Community: Our dashboard offers you the tools to make worldwide connections with fans, like-minded people, potential customers.
  • Creative freedom: From furnishing your apartment, building a city or creating your own world.
  • Virtual Identity: Using the Wolf3D extension, you simply select a picture, edit your avatar to suit you, and you’re ready to go.
  • Economy: Virtual goods, virtual real estate, and services are bought, offered and sold in the immersive world.

What thrives us?

We firmly believe that with this project, you as a content creator and resident of this virtual world can create global social and economic impact for people living in countries where conditions are not favorable due to economic situations.

What makes us different?

Our research has shown that we are distinctive in the world of MMOs in terms of features, tools and mission.
Where many online social spaces have stopped developing further, we are taking it to the current standard of technology and future-proofing it for years to come.
We enable users, with zero programming knowledge, to build a world full of interaction with their audience. The foundation of this world will center on creating business opportunities with an equal chance for everyone, both economically and socially.

Target audience

For you
Meet and connect with people from all over the world and visit events, concerts or just relax in your virtual apartment.

For content creators
If you are a musicians, fashion designers, artists or you just want to create a cool event to connect with your audience. Our virtual world offers you the tools to make your dreams come true.

Organizations and company
Especially for organizations and companies, events, meetings and trade fairs can be built and organized in a closed environment. An environment accessible to invited guests or employees.


Q1 2022

Public event
- Kickstarter Marketing Campaign

Q2 2022

Apartment party
Public event (Closed Beta for Devs Only)

  • Live stream from apartment building
  • Host party in apartment
  • Presentation "Big Why"
  • Showcase Editor


  • EOS fully functional
  • VOIP
  • Travel between destinations
  • Multiplayer apartments
  • Skyline view
  • Functional friends list
  • First U
Q3 2022

Public event (Closed Beta for Devs Only)

  • Livestream Gameplay
  • Museum visit
  • Live concert
  • Shopping for outfits


  • Account creation
  • Login system
  • Database connection
  • Payment system
  • Outfit switching
  • Multiple hubs
  • Concert hall
  • Environment interaction
  • Final UI
Q4 2022

Public event (Closed Beta for Devs and Backers)

  • Live presentation in concert hall
  • Presentation "The Journey"
  • Sponsors on stage
  • Keynote
  • Live concert
  • Network meeting/ afterparty


  • Bug fixing
  • Polishing
  • Final pass
  • Pledge rewards (Badges)
  • Trade

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