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We are building a world with high social & economic impact on society.

Global Social Impact

Our virtual world is about creating social impact by reducing the economic borders giving everyone equal access to the same (job) opportunities and education.

We start with creating a new platform for artists and musicians to reach out to new audiences and create fans from all over the world.

Our mission is to give users a new virtual experience in entertainment, education and connecting with like-minded people. All these activities take place in a well-considered ecosystem.

Our virtual world is based on

Data & privacy

In everything we develop: Data Protection and Privacy first! 

User friendly

We aim for a very low learning curve, making it also perfect for inexperienced VR and desktop users.


We are a community driven platform. Everything we do, we do for the well-being of our users.

Creative freedom

A world of almost limitless possibilities where you can create, share and explore.

Virtual identity

You can customize your avatar to your liking and change body proportions, hairstyles, clothes, tattoos etc


Virtual goods, virtual real estate and services are bought, offer and sold in the immersive world.

Join our team

Galaxy Game Studio is a game development company located in the region Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Our core team currently consists of a rich variety of talented individuals with a passion for gaming, designing and virtual worlds.

We are passionate about creating virtual environments that amaze users and inspire the imagination.

combine strength

Partnership and collaboration

Working together, supporting each other and developing long-term relationships allows us to achieve far more than we could achieve alone.

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